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Do you have any recommendations for my hair type?Updated a year ago

Our bars are not specifically developed for any one's type of hair. More than anything it will depend on the scent of your choosing. You'll know your hair better than anyone so we've included some more info below so that you can choose the right duo for you.

Pink Grapefruit - Balancing Act: An ultra clarifying powerhouse, ideal for removing excess oil, pollution and dirt build up from root to tip while achieving immediate hydration and softness. Pink Grapefruit Oil not only contains antimicrobial properties, it also adds a fresh citrusy aroma leaving you feeling revitalised, and your hair smelling like a tropical wonderland. Yes please

Rose Geranium - Hydration Station: Hair and scalp feeling a little dry? The Rose Geranium Duo packs a punch in the hydration department while also promoting cell growth which may help increase hair density. The Red Clay traps, absorbs and removes dirt and oil while the Rose Geranium Oil helps to reduce inflammation and the presence of dandruff. This Bar has a soothing and calming scent which matches its health benefits.

Citrus & Mint - Mane Mojito: Tame your frizz and calm your mind with the fragrant and revitalising aromas of Orange, Lime and Peppermint - the perfect combination to relax and energise. This Duo is a favourite among the wavy, kinky and coily-haired community. This gentle and invigorating scent contains anti-inflammatory and anti-frizz ingredients to help soothe and calm your locks while removing build up on the scalp and hair follicles. The antimicrobial properties of the ingredients ensures a squeaky clean mane that’s ready to wow.

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