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Information about your plastic-free Seed & Sprout product/s.

How is silicone different to plastic?

Although they share some similar characteristics, silicone is essentially a synthetic rubber. We use it for its highly durable, nonstick, stain-resistant, hard-wearing characteristics. It also cools quickly and tolerates extremes of temperature. Due

Where are your products made?

Our products are designed by us in Byron Bay, Australia and made for us by our long established and trusted manufacturing partners in Australia, Taiwan, China and India. All of our Bars and our Skincare range, Without, are made right here in Australi

Where can I get a new Compost Bin Filter?

Our Compost Bin Filters are designed to be washed and reused. Wash gently in warm soapy water and lay flat to dry. Avoid wringing as this could misshapen the filter. If you've lost or misplaced your filter we sell replacements. Just ensure you grab t

Can I fit a CrunchBox and Bento Lunch Box in your CrunchCase Lunch Bags

Yes you can! The CrunchBox will fit in the main compartment while the Bento Lunch Box will fit in the front pocket of the Organic Cotton CrunchCase. Bear in mind that only the internal pocket is insulated.

Will you be making a silicone insert for the original CrunchBox/Crunch Boxes?

Unfortunately as hard as we've tried we can't create a silicone insert that will make the OG CrunchBox leakproof. Fear not, we are working on a larger version of our Bento Lunch Box so watch this space!

Where can I buy gift cards/vouchers?

We offer e-gift cards and they can be purchased here. Once paid, you'll receive your gift card via email so you can forward it on to the recipient, completely zero waste. If you'd prefer to print them, that's also an option!

Can the Muffin Cups be used in an air fryer?

Yes absolutely!

Can you use the Air Fryer Mats and Bowls in a regular oven?

Yes! As long as the temperature range is between 40°C ~ 230 °C.

Do the Hemp Tea Towels leave fluff or anything?

There's no fluff on these towels! They are perfect for drying and covering food.

What is the Charcoal Compost Filter made of?

The Charcoal Filter is made from nylon which makes it durable, easy to wash and reuse and helps it to hold its shape for repeated use. We encourage you to wash and reuse your charcoal filter prior to purchasing a new one. If it has reached an end of

How long does one Shampoo bar last?

This all depends on how often you Shampoo your hair and the length of your hair but typically 1 Shampoo Bar = 3.5 x 350ml liquid bottles. The Shampoo Bar can last anywhere between 3-9 months.

Do your Shampoo and Conditioner Bars strip hair colour?

Our bars are made from naturally-derived ingredients and do not strip hair colour. We do recommend following the 72 hour hair colouring rule of not washing your hair immediately after.

Will the 2 Pot Set and the CrunchPot fit in the Bento Lunch Box?

Our 2 Pot Set will fit in the Bento Lunch Box but not the CrunchPot. Our Bento Lunch Boxes are 100% leakproof and food won't mix between compartments. If you have the Mini CrunchCase, you can place the CrunchPot in the outside pocket as an extra food

Is the silicone seal in the insulated food flask removable?

Yes, the silicone seal is removable for easy cleaning- just hand wash it in warm soapy water then let it dry before putting it back on the lid.

Do you have any recommendations for my hair type?

Our bars are not specifically developed for any one's type of hair. More than anything it will depend on the scent of your choosing. You'll know your hair better than anyone so we've included some more info below so that you can choose the right duo

I'm having a hard time using the Conditioner Bar

We'd love to help you with your transition to using our Conditioner Bar. It might take a bit of an adjustment, especially if you're transitioning from conventional liquid conditioner. After rinsing the Shampoo from your hair, please make sure that yo

Do you have any lids for the 2 pots set, round/rectangle pots or CrunchPot?

You may find these in the Spare Parts page. If they are currently out of stock, you may try reaching out to us via our Contact Us form so we can double check for you.

Can the silicone pouch be used for sous vide?

Yes, the Silicone Pouches can be used for Sous vide cooking but please make sure the black slider does not go into the water

Will the Air Fryer Bowl/Mat fit in my air fryer?

Each air fryer is built differently so we generally recommend measuring your air fryer and comparing the size to the air fryer accessories available in our website to make sure that the item will fit before you purchase. You can see the dimensions of

Do you have a silicone lid product suitable to use to cover an open can of food?

You might want to check out our Reusable Stretch Lids and Silicone Pantry Jar Lids.Our Silicone Pantry Lids are 9.5cm wide x 1.5cm high (with a 4mm inner lip width) while the Reusable Stretch Lids - Set of 6 comes with the following sizes. Dimensions

Are your products PFAS free?

Thank you for being conscious of the problem with PFAS! We would never include PFAS in our products.

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