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I'm having a hard time using the Conditioner BarUpdated a year ago

We'd love to help you with your transition to using our Conditioner Bar. It might take a bit of an adjustment, especially if you're transitioning from conventional liquid conditioner. 

After rinsing the Shampoo from your hair, please make sure that your hair is still sufficiently wet afterwards. The Conditioner Bar is heavily water activated and warmer water will also help soften the Bar which will allow the product to easily transfer to your hair. For the first few uses of the Conditioner Bar you may need to rub the bar between your hands  under warm water until you feel what we like to call 'the slip factor' before running the bar through your hair. 

Please bear in mind that some hair types will have a transition period between their regular Shampoo and Conditioner to natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bars and this is to be expected however if you persevere, great hair awaits you on the other side!

If you still find it difficult to use after following these tips, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form.

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